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Take Your Income Protection Travelling

Whether you are looking to to take a short trip or an extended sabbatical in another country, you may be able to take your income protection with you.

At this time of year, many are heading away to get their dose of sunshine for the year. However if your travel plans are a little more extensive, your income protection policy may be tailored to suit.

On certain policies, if you are taking time off, you may opt to take a ‘premium holiday’. Essentially this allows you to pause your premiums for up to a year and resume your policy upon return without having to redo your application & medicals.*

If you are looking to work in another country you may be able to continue your policy overseas.** This means that you won’t need to start the process all over again in a foreign country with all of the associated red tape involved.

*A simple statement of health is all that is required.

** International cover varies from country to country. Talk to your consultant to find out if your destination is covered.



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