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Physiotherapists Relying On Income Protection Cover More Than Ever

Every year, Omega analyses Day One Income Protection claims paid throughout the previous year to better understand the types of illness and injures facing our medical professional membership.

For the second year running Physiotherapists had the highest claims rate amongst the professions, with more than one in four members submitting a claim in 2017. Strikingly, this rate has increased from one on five claiming in 2016, showing that Physiotherapists are relying on their cover more than ever. These statistics relate to Physiotherapy members who hold day one income protection cover.

100% of these claims were paid, as has been the case since this type of cover was introduced.

Looking at the breakdown of illnesses and injuries, we can see that the highest proportion of claims relate to viral infection, gastro etc. 11% of claims related to musculoskeletal conditions and 6% due to accidents. 6% were associated with pregnancy related conditions. 12% related to teeth and eye issues.

The gender balance of claims was 65% female, 35% male. On the female side, DG is the only underwriter to cover pregnancy related conditions throughout the term.

The average duration of time taken for illness was 7 working days and the average age of a claimant was 39.



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