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Are You Protecting Your Income This Winter?

As a Medical Professional you advise and treat people who may be off work due to illness or injury, helping them to get better and return to work.  Recovery time is key.

But how often do you follow you own advice and take sick leave when you should? Working closely with patients makes you more susceptible during cold and flu season and this can result multiple viral infections over the course of the year. When you add up a few days here and few weeks there, how much income are you losing?

In 2016, short term infections & viruses accounted for over 50% of claims received by Omega Financial Income Protection policy holders. 100% of these claimants were paid and avoided salary interruption due to their policy arrangements covering them from day one.

Using your savings to cover your monthly bills can be very frustrating, however if something more serious occurs you could be looking at years of costs and lost income. Income protection covers policy holders for as long as they cannot work, right through to retirement age.

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