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1 in 5 Physiotherapists Claimed On Their Income Protection in 2016

Following a review of 2016 claims, Omega learned that 20% of our Physiotherapist members  became unwell and received an illness benefit to cover their lost income last year. Over the course of the year, we saw our Physiotherapist member numbers grow significantly and this group is now our largest claimant set proportionately speaking. The average across all professions is 1 in 8 so this speaks to the value of Income Protection for Physiotherapists in particular.

The average age of a claimant was 38.

The vast majority of claimants were female and this has somewhat influenced the variety of illnesses recorded. 27% of claims recorded comprised of pregnancy related conditions, second only to the category of Infections & Viruses at 47% total illnesses/injuries recorded.

The total average days claimed across professions, was 27 days. 100% of our Day One Income Protection claims were paid.

The average benefit payment was €1609.



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