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I took out income protection insurance mainly at the insistence of my wife, to be honest. She said that I was always getting hurt at work, but to me they were just occasional bruises, getting my foot trodden on, nothing serious.

In September 2013, whilst performing an abdominal ultrasound on a horse, I received a kick straight to my knee which resulted in an incomplete tibial plateau fracture. This put me out of work for 3 months. I thought of it as a bad episode and hoped to put it behind me. Unfortunately, there was damage to the distal femur which didn’t heal and I found myself less and less able to walk without pain. After a repeat MRI, I had surgery in September 2014 and this kept me out of work for a further 4 months. Without the support of DG, I would not have been able to feed my young family and I am now very grateful that I heeded my wife’s advice!

- Kevin Corley