About Omega Financial Management

Omega Financial Management (Omega) was founded in 2001 by John O’Connor. Since being set up the company has always specialised in providing financial services to professional people. There has always been a gap in how professionals were serviced both in providing suitable products for their needs and also providing the ‘on hand’ servicing levels needed by professionals. As such, we endeavour to provide our clients with service as they need it. If we are not available immediately we will phone you back as soon as we can.

Our Day 1 Income Protection plan is unique in Ireland as it is the only Day 1 plan with revenue approval. We came across it first of all in 2008 when a client who had previously lived in the UK showed us the policy. Having checked out its bone fides we began providing the product to our clients in conjunction with the Underwriters DG Mutual. While the product was new to Ireland DG themselves have been providing the product since 1927 and as a mutual society have reserves of c. €50,000,000, providing great security for our clients.

Enterprise Ireland

In 2012 Enterprise Ireland invested in Omega as a Preference Shareholder as they believed our unique product and service offering had huge potential both in providing something unique to clients and also assisting in job creation in the Irish Financial services industry. This investment allowed us increase our staffing levels which meant that we needed to move to larger offices, hence our move to the Beacon in Sandyford. Enterprise Ireland continue to be a shareholder and have partnership links with the company to assist with its growth and development.

Meet the team

  • John O’Connor
  • Declan Egan
  • Alison Murphy
  • Graham O’Connor
  • Paul King
  • David Stolzenberg
  • Anna Riordan