Wealth Management

All of our clients have different needs and requirements. There are a number of key factors that decide a person’s priorities when they come for advice. They include their age, the time available to them to manage their own finances, their attitude to risk, their tax position, their income levels, have they superannuation etc, to mention but a few.

To begin to give an advisory service to them we must first go through all of the above areas to find out where they are at the present time and where they would like to get to. The basic issue that needs to be tackled is around any existing pension or investment savings they have at the moment. Many people do not know what they have or are entitled to with their existing funds (particularly pensions, they contributed to benefit from tax relief over the years but have no idea what they have). By gathering the information on these we can create a portfolio that outlines clearly where funds are invested, how much risk they carry, when they will mature and how they have performed.

The Portfolio Effect – chart.

Investment Services

With deposit rates reaching an all time low it is currently very difficult for those with investable funds to decide what to do with them. Naturally nobody likes to have your eggs in one basket and nobody likes to take inappropriate risks with their investments either so there are quite a number of things that need to be considered before deciding what to do.

As everyone has a different attitude to risk and also different investment timeframes the first thing to do is to review your current options and make yourself aware of what is available to you. Once you have decided how long you’d like to invest for, what level of risk your willing to take and what kind of return you’d like to go for, then you can go about deciding on the look of your portfolio.

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The Portfolio Effect

Want to keep a closer eye on exactly how your pension funds are performing?
In our experience many medical professionals tend to have built up numerous pension pots, in various institutions, over the years. This can be either from public or private employments or very often a mix of both. As a result we have found that many people do not have an overall picture of the underlying investment strategy or risk profile within their pension portfolio, and thus no real idea or target for an expected income in retirement.

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