Income Protection

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Income protection provides you with a replacement income in the event that you cannot work due to illness or injury.

There are a number of different styles available and a number of different providers. The main difference to consider is the deferred period, this is the length of time you must be sick for before you can claim on the policy. The options and providers are as follows:

Day 1: No deferred / waiting period

DG Mutual – covers you to age 65 and has tax relief on premiums, 100% claims payment record.
Dentists Provident – covers you (only Dentists) to age 60, has no tax relief and has a 99% claims payment record.

Deferred Period
All other providers offer a variety of cover options with deferred (waiting) periods ranging from 4 to 52 weeks.

As an independent firm, we provide tailored advice according to an individual’s personal circumstances. We work with the following institutions in relation to income protection:

DG Mutual | Dentists Provident | Friends First | Aviva
Irish Life | New Ireland | Royal London

HSE Sick Pay Entitlements

Many of our clients are entitled to HSE sick pay entitlements and it is very important that your Income Protection plan takes into account these entitlements so that you are Insured correctly. It is also very important to consider your Temporary Rehabilitation benefits and your superannuation benefits when considering this (in our article section there is a piece done on ‘superannuation benefits’ which will help you with this).

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