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At Omega Financial Management we are happy to offer first class services to our customers. Please see below what our clients have to say about us once having availed of our services.

Dr Vladka was diagnosed with cancer in late 2012 and has undergone four extensive surgeries since. Unfortunately the treatments have resulted in a significant loss of arm/shoulder mobility, rendering her unable to work for the foreseeable future. Vladka’s Income Protection policy has provided her with a weekly income since her first diagnosis and will continue to do so as long as she is unable to work.

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I had to make a short term claim on my Day 1 policy for a brief illness that kept me out of work for a few days. I found everyone we dealt with in Omega and DG really helpful in processing the claim as quickly as possible. Having made a claim it gives me great peace of mind knowing that the policy does pay out and that we can rely on it if we ever need it again. I am very happy to recommend it to other Physiotherapists.
Lorraine Carroll, Chartered Physiotherapist, Dublin

I availed of the DG Mutual income protection scheme. It was a short term claim and I found the service excellent. My case was handled efficiently, without fuss and I got paid very quickly. I found the everyone in both Omega Financial and DG Mutual very helpful and supportive. I am happy to recommend it to others.
Dr Lisa Murphy
I broke my left humerus and had to take the best part of 6 months off work. I was very relieved that I had the Day 1 cover in place and I was paid from the very first day I couldn’t go to work until I returned fully six months later. The claims process itself was easy and Deirdre from Omega and Kevin in DG were extremely helpful. I found I could be honest with them and they would take my word for my progress, no need for medical reports and examinations. I was very glad I had the cover in place as I was able to pay all of my bills while I couldn’t work. I would highly recommend it to any self-employed professional Vet.
Martin Ryan, Vet
I claimed on the Day 1 Income Protection scheme for a period of time when I was unable to work and I found it to be an extremely beneficial to me. I was paid from the first day that I couldn’t work until I was able to return. The service was excellent, there was very little paperwork in claiming and I was supported by the guys on Omega really well. I’m happy to recommend this to any self employed professional.
Dr Susan Deacon King
I was off work for about 4 weeks last autumn after I put my finger between a donkey’s molars! D&G Mutual paid without any hassle shortly after sending in the claim.
Ulrike, Donegal Vet
I availed of the Day 1 DG Mutual Income Protection scheme. I got payment very promptly, my case was handled efficiently. I found the process simple and straight forward. I am happy to recommend it to other Engineers.
Richard Crowe
This Autumn I unluckily broke three ribs, luckily for me I was covered with D & G Mutual income protection insurance. Although I endured physical pain for a few weeks, my income protection insurance kicked in straight away and insured I didn’t have to endure any financial pain. I couldn’t recommend D & G mutual strongly enough.
Veterinary Surgeon, Cork
Omega also gave me valuable advice on my pension. I had thought about topping up my pension but Omega advised me to hold off on doing this for some time as I ran the risk of over-funding. They could very well have sold me a product, but instead offered me sound independent advice, re-assuring me that they had my best interests at heart. I now confidently recommend Omega to friends and colleagues, and look forward to employing their services for many years to come.
Dr Patrick Quinn
Some time ago my company purchased a death in service and PHI product from Omega Financial with Friends First. Unfortunately, we had a claim under this policy in late 2006, when a young member of our staff died in tragic circumstances. Despite the nature of the circumstance and the fact the staff member was only days under cover with the policy, Friends First paid out on the policy expediently. Throughout our dealings with them on this matter they dealt with our HR department in a sensitive, informative and courteous manner at all times.
The team at Interaction are very grateful to Omega and Friends First for enabling to provide comfort to the family of our lost colleague.
Karl Llewellyn
I have been with DG Mutual for ten years now and have claimed twice from them once for 4 weeks and once for two weeks. Both times I found them very efficient and easy to claim from, once I sent in the claim form I was paid very promptly and with no problems. I am happy to recommend them for Income Protection.
Veterinary Surgeon, North East
I availed of the DG Mutual Income Protection scheme in August 2010. It was a short term claim and I got payment very promptly, my case was handled efficiently. I found the process simple and straight forward. I am happy to recommend it to other Pharmacists.
E R Pharmacist, Dublin


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